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 Juyeon-Noona is Hongki & Jonghoon's ideal girl

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Juyeon-Noona is Hongki & Jonghoon's ideal girl Empty
PostSubject: Juyeon-Noona is Hongki & Jonghoon's ideal girl   Juyeon-Noona is Hongki & Jonghoon's ideal girl Icon_minitimeSat Aug 22, 2009 6:08 am

Both FT Island members, Lee Hongki and Choi Jonghoon, chose After School member, Juyeon, as their ideal girl.

FT Island members revealed who their ideal girls are at the VIP interview on cable channel KBS JOY “EnterNews“, which was broadcasted in the afternoon on 21st.

The team’s youngest member Choi Minhwan revealed that, “2NE1’s Sandara Park caught my attention recently. Though we haven’t spoke to each other before, I like her. If there’s time, I would like to, probably, have tea with her,” and received applause from the members.

Following that, Lee Hongki revealed that, “I like After School’s Juyeon-noona”, and upon hearing this, Choi Jonghoon also confessed that, “I like Juyeon-noona too”, creating rivalry between the members. Especially that Juyeon is 23, Lee Hongki and Choi Jonghoon are both 20, this is gaining lots of attention as it’s only a difference of 3 years in their age.

On the other hand, FT Island had released their 3rd regular album “Cross & Change” last month, with title song “Barae” having high rankings in various music charts. They are also active in their album promotional activities.

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Credits: Star News + ying1005 @ primanoona (translation)
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Juyeon-Noona is Hongki & Jonghoon's ideal girl
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