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 Wang Lee Hom Covers Michael Jackson's Song in Respect

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Wang Lee Hom Covers Michael Jackson's Song in Respect Empty
PostSubject: Wang Lee Hom Covers Michael Jackson's Song in Respect   Wang Lee Hom Covers Michael Jackson's Song in Respect Icon_minitimeSat Aug 22, 2009 6:01 am

King of Pop, Michael Jackson has passed away. While the public has focused on the doubts and suspicions surrounding his death, musicians have used their own ways to respect their idol. Wang Lee Hom is holding his 「MUSIC MAN」concert tour in Beijing this Saturday. He will perform one of Michael Jackson’s classics 「Man In The Mirror」and will also send the audience a copy of his cover. Lee Hom’s cover is a limited edition for the Beijing concert and is full of his memories towards Michael Jackson.

Wang Lee Hom was born in the United States. He essentially grew up under Jackson’s influence. Lee Hom has also worked with Quincy Jones, who produced Jackson’s albums. The two coincidentally became colleagues. Even though Lee Hom and Jackson never met, Lee Hom remembers Jackson’s will to fight and his care towards the world. In college, Lee Hom once covered 「Man In The Mirror」. He said: “This song has given me a lot of inspiration. It even inspired me to write [Change Oneself/Gai Bian Zi Ji].”

When Jackson was shooting promotion pics for his Best Collection album, a symphony was used as a background. The army-like use of people, music, sound quality and a tv-like production provided a stunning image. When Wang Lee Hom first performed in Beijing five years ago, he used the same portion of Jackson’s symphony combined with video clips. It must be the deep influence MJ has on him.

Copyrights to Michael Jackson’s songs are not easily given to others to cover. This single could be released due to the fact that both artists are under SONY Records. Wang Lee Hom found time to record this single within a month’s time. The single’s follows a black and white design, to put some emphasis on remembering his past idol. Wang Lee Hom expressed: “I won’t simply imitate, I will definitely use my own way to perform Michael’s song. This way is most sincere.”
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Wang Lee Hom Covers Michael Jackson's Song in Respect
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