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 Dating for 5 years Pre-Honeymoon - Myolie&Bosco

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PostSubject: Dating for 5 years Pre-Honeymoon - Myolie&Bosco   Sat Aug 15, 2009 5:49 am

Source: Apple Daily
Translation credits: Ting @ http://myoliewuhangyee.com/forum/

Dating for 5 years Pre-Honeymoon

Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong Love in Okinawa

For the finale of Burning Flame 3 tonight, Myolie Wu will ditch Kevin Cheng and Wong Hei. Letting this love triangle finally having an ending. But in real life, Myolie is basking in the glow of love.Even though Bosco Wong and her refused to admit they are dating, but last Friday, both of them who have been dating for 5 years, secretly went to Okinawa for a tour, pre-honeymoon, seem like their love is as strong as ever.

Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong, both 29, their rumours had been going on ever since their collaboration in 2004 for Wars-of-in-laws. To this day, both of them have refused to admit their relationship. But last Friday Myolie and Bosco secretly took time off to tour Okinawa in Japan, enjoying their time together. It so happen that our reporter ran into them and even took the same flight back and fro.

Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong was in Okinawa together. The guy took care of the luggage.

Bosco Wong with girlfriend Myolie Wu at Okinawa Airport catching the shuttle bus to the hotel, talking and laughing. So sweet.

Myolie considerably passing drinks

Coming to Okinawa is to enjoy the Sun and the Beach, Bosco Wong long sleeve attire seem out of place

Last Thursday Bosco appeared at the birthday celebration of East Asia boss as the delivery boy from Nissan Noodle. The next day, he flew to Okinawa with Myolie for their pre-honeymoon. From what we have found out, Myolie and Bosco took the Hong Kong Express Airways, 1.30pm flight last Friday (7 August) straight to Okinawa. The weather has been quite hot and stuffy recently but Bosco still wore a jacket, cap and sunglasses. Myolie who is also wearing a pair of sunglasses has a scarf around her. Not sure if they are worried about the air-con being too strong in the airport. This makes them even more eye-catching.

The flight that Myolie and Bosco took that day was a small plane. There were 8 seats in the first class area. As Myolie and Bosco are the only people taking first class, this gives a feel of them having reserve the first class area to themselves. Not sure if it was because of this, both of them was able to relax and let down their guard, changing into the slippers provided by the first class area, appearing very relax throughout the flight.

The flight landed in Okinawa at around 4.30pm Japan Time. Myolie and Bosco both proceed to outside the airport to catch the shuttle bus to the hotel. While Bosco was taking care of the luggage, Myolie even pass Bosco a drink to quench his thirst, being seriously considerate.

After enjoying the sun and beach at Okinawa, Bosco and her end their 5days trip and return to Hong Kong on Tuesday (11th), taking the 5.30pm flight. In the plane, Myolie who was wearing a hat, leaned onto Bosco like sticky sugar beans and looked at the photos together. At times, they were talking softly and laughed loudly, appearing very sweet. No wonder there were a few passengers who recognized them and asked for photo taking. Both Myolie and Bosco agreed willingly to take photos, mood is obviously not bad.

Upon their return, Bosco and the rest of the BF 3 casts went to Mong Kok to do promotions, but Myolie was not present. And Bosco was definitely tanner than before. Myolie didn’t attend the function because she was afraid that their trip will be exposed if both of them look equally tan?
Reporter called Bosco yesterday to clarify about it. He admitted touring Okinawa with Myolie, but did not admit that they are dating. He said: “I did went to Okinawa with Myolie for 5 days. Actually I am there with an image consultant, buying my clothes for my France trip next month, to film TVB Red Wine Variety Show. Then Myolie who is filming in Mainland doesn’t need to film during that few days so go together to buy clothes lo.” With regards to the reporter pointing out that they appeared very intimate in Okinawa, Bosco said: “There are a lot of people there, so easy to strike, so must protect her.” Although Bosco said there is a third party there, but the reporter who was on the same flight as them is very sure that he only saw Bosco and Myolie on the trip together.

Before leaving Hong Kong
Before leaving for Okinawa, Bosco attended an open function, after returning to Hong Kong, he is obviously tanner.

After returning to Hong Kong


Bosco and Myolie have been rumoured together for many years. This time, their trip to Okinawa reflect their dating relationship. Their love fate started in 2004, that time they were working together for TVB War of in Laws.As they were seeing each other every day, rumours started that their feelings are real. Like other artistes, both of them never deny their rumours upfront, and even filmed War of In Laws 2 together again. They even appeared as couple for functions together and their relationship is often brought up and being teased by their colleagues.

Letting you know: Japan Hawaii 4 seasons are like Spring

Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong on a sweet tour to Okinawa, located on the South, is a place with no pollution, it’s sun and beach everywhere. It has the nickname of “Japan Hawaii”. Famous Japanese artistes, Namie Amuro, SPEED and 仲間由紀惠 are all from Okinawa.

The temperature in Okinawa is similar to Tokyo and Osaka’s Spring, with a warm temperature all year round, 4 seasons are like Spring. It’s like a human heaven, very popular with the tourists. It is also a hot spot for dating couples. Faye Wong, Leslie Cheung and Tong Leung Kar Fai was there filming in 2000 for the movie 《戀戰冲繩》, becoming a popular topic.

Entertainment database: Tours stories

Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong secretly tour Okinawa, their love relationship officially exposed, actually in the past there are quite a few couples whose relationships get exposed cause of private trips together.
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Dating for 5 years Pre-Honeymoon - Myolie&Bosco
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