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 Myolie Wu Failed To Conceal Her Chest

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PostSubject: Myolie Wu Failed To Conceal Her Chest   Thu Aug 06, 2009 7:24 am

Myolie Wu Failed To Conceal Her Chest
Wednesday August 5, 2009 Hong Kong
Credits: myoliewu.org
Translation to psycho 085 @ http://myoliewuhangyee.com

Before Myolie Wu headed for Hengdian to film a Mainland drama, Beauty Scheme, she was at Shek O beach filming for her new song MV, 黑白瞳. The MV plot talked about Myolie’s boyfriend, Pang King Chi, having two girlfriends at a time. The crew made use of many water hoses to film the romantic rain scene of Myolie and the male lead, and also when she’s afraid of her boyfriend having a change of heart and had a huge cry. In the end, she was so agitated that she charged towards the sea.

Having to soak entirely for the whole day, Myolie was very cautious, hiding here and there to prevent herself from being exposed. It was a pity that there was still a flaw, and a part of her chest was being revealed.

Going Exposed Continually (Caption):
Pulling the boat to prepare to go out to the sea together with the male lead, once Myolie bent down, she revealed her skin-colored bra and a part of her chest was seen. She immediately suggested that the pose be switched, and it was changed to hugging the male lead from behind. However her top was too loose, and it still could not be hidden.

og-Lover (Caption):
Myolie, who keeps dogs, met a dog, which had a specially-made float on it, at the beach, and excitedly asked the dog owner where to purchase the float.

On the day of filming, the sun was shining brightly in the sky. The crew used huge water hoses to create a raining scene. Having to film under a wet condition for the whole day, it was lucky that Myolie only sneezed a few times!

Romantic In The Rain (Caption)

Heavy Winds (Caption):
The pressure from the water hose was huge. Myolie, whom was soaked from head to toe, said, “Wah! It’s as if there was a level-8 typhoon!”

Myolie, whom had put on water-proof make-up, had to film again and again. She felt so cold that she shivered.

Totally Wet (Caption):
Losing her control and crying bitterly, Myolie, whom cried on command, revealed her X expression again!

Eye-lashes Fallen Off (Caption):
After coming up to the shore, Myolie kept pushing her fringe towards the back, and unintentionally swept off her fake eye-lashes on the left eye.
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Myolie Wu Failed To Conceal Her Chest
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