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 TANK: ELLA and I Share a Friendship, Not Romance

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TANK: ELLA and I Share a Friendship, Not Romance Empty
PostSubject: TANK: ELLA and I Share a Friendship, Not Romance   TANK: ELLA and I Share a Friendship, Not Romance Icon_minitimeThu Aug 06, 2009 7:16 am

[Exclusive] TANK: ELLA and I Share a Friendship, Not Romance
Source: ent.rednet.cn
Translation by: Syyang @ asianfanatics.net

Compared to the unrestrained rocker singing [San Guo Lian] (lit transl: Fighting, song inspired by Romance of The Three Kingdoms), Tank in real life is more like an introvert. During a TV programme in Hunan [Jie Jie Gao Sheng], Tank was invited to promote his new album - [The Third Round]. When sharing on one the songs he wrote - [Ru Guo Wo Bian Cheng Hui Yi] (lit transl: If I were to Turn into Memory), Tank admitted it was dedicated for his late elder sister who had passed away due to hereditary heart disease. On the other hand, he had recently undergone an operation for the similar ailment and the result was a success. In addition, Tank also took the opportunity to clarify the speculations of a budding romance between Ella and him. He clarified they only share a friendship, not romance.

Good Recovery after Surgery

Due to his hereditary heart disease, Tank underwent a surgery prior to the release of his latest album - [The Third Round]; his elder sister was a victim of the same ailment too. It was 2 years since he last released an album and this time, Tank took on the role as a producer as well. The album also consisted of many of his personal experiences, for instance the song - [Ru Guo Wo Bian Cheng Hui Yi] was a dedication to his late elder sister. “When composing this song, it was really difficult. This is the story of my elder sister. Some 2-3 years ago, my sister had passed away due to the hereditary heart disease. Before that her former boyfriend actually proposed to her and she has agreed, with full support from the family, but now, all these have turned into memories. For the past 2 years, I have been facing immense pressure surrounding this issue as I too inherited the same ailment. I do not know if I would end up like my sister anytime. If I were to become a memory, what would my beloved’s thoughts.”

Tank shared that in order to prevent the risk of a heart attack; he would take his medication on time and go for his review consultation. “Now my heart feels normal, without not much of a problem, and I no longer need to specially control my emotions. Before the album release, the doctor implanted a pace-maker in my heart to measure my heartbeat. If my heart should stop, it would give it a little shock.”

Having been absence from the music scene for 2 years, Tank admitted that he was worried about being replaced by newer artistes. “On the average, you see new artistes entering the music scene every month. It is really amazing. I am worried no one would want to hear me sing anymore. But fortunately, during the album release, there are still many fans out there that support me.” Tank also added being the album’s producer also took up a lot of his time. “Just like a movie director or producer, you have to make sure every detail is taken care of, it is a very elaborate job.” Despite having sang for theme songs of idol serials, Tank said that he had no plans to sing and act at the same time, “I prefer to do my part as a singer first.”

Share Only Friendship with ELLA

Since he entered the entertainment industry, Tank never had much romance gossips. But recently there seemed to be media speculations that Tank expressed interest in and favour Ella, his shi-jie (lit transl: elder sister of the same teacher/company), and even made a love confession during another programme. In response, Tank clarified promptly he share a friendship with Ella and there is no romance between them. “The speculation is part of the hype by the media. Actually I am close to the trio. They are very adorable and would take care of others. Despite being so popular, they do not have the celebrity airs about them. Not only I like them, many fans like them too.”

However when asked to choose from the trio the one he wishes to collaborate most musically, Tank chose Ella with no hesitation. “Because she is really good in composing. The [Ai Dao Feng Dian] (lit transl: Love Till Crazy) which she composed for Power Station is really good. I have spoken to her about collaborating and she has agreed. As for singing a duet, because Ella’s vocals are very special, not only can she do rap but also sing very gently, I am really looking forward to our collaboration too.”

As he had clarified his relationship with Ella, Tank expressed he was currently too busy at work to think about romance, when probed on the qualities of his other half. “If I were to find a girlfriend, I wish she can understand and accept my job as I might not have much time to keep her company. Most importantly, she must be filial to her parents. Now, I really have no plans to find a girlfriend as I do not wish to hurt her or make her sad.”
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TANK: ELLA and I Share a Friendship, Not Romance
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