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 Unsuccessful Graduate Zhao Wei to Halt Career for School

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PostSubject: Unsuccessful Graduate Zhao Wei to Halt Career for School   Wed Jul 22, 2009 6:25 am

Chinese actress and current graduate student Vicki Zhao said she will halt her showbiz career to complete her studies.

Zhao was enrolled in the Department of Directing of Beijing Film Academy in 2006 and is expected to get her degree this summer.

However, the actress, involved in filming and promotion of her latest film "Mulan", failed to finish her graduation project in time.

"I AM a good student. I don't want to finish the project hastily." she defended herself during an interview with the Star Daily. "But Mulan is such a good role that you don't have any reason to turn it down. So I decided to finish the film first and then concentrate on my project. I have been preparing it all along, and I hope I can present it next year."

Zhao declined to reveal what her project is about. "It will be a surprise," she said.

The actress didn't regret delaying her graduation for Mulan, and said she felt thrilled to play the character.

"Playing the role of Mulan is the most important thing for me this year. It will have a great influence on my whole showbiz life," she said.
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Unsuccessful Graduate Zhao Wei to Halt Career for School
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