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 Reasons for 'Family Outing' rating decline

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Reasons for 'Family Outing' rating decline Empty
PostSubject: Reasons for 'Family Outing' rating decline   Reasons for 'Family Outing' rating decline Icon_minitimeWed Jul 22, 2009 6:22 am

Not sure if you have watched it yet, but the most recent episode of SBS Family Outing on 19th July must surely rank as one of the most lacklustre and boring episode ever. Viewers in Korea seem to think so too as ratings fell by a staggering 6.2% compared to the previous week. KBS2TV 1N2D have always topped SBS Family Outing in the ratings department but on 19th July, the entire KBS2TV Happy Sunday segment consisting of single digit program, Qualifying Men together with 1N2D managed to surpass Family Outing for the first time in months.

TNS Media Korea ratings (nationwide) on 12th July
3. SBS Good Sunday (Family Outing) - 26.6%
4. KBS Happy Sunday (Qualifying Men, 1N2D) - 23.0%

On 19th July
3. KBS Happy Sunday (Qualifying Men, 1N2D) - 21.2%
4. SBS Good Sunday (Family Outing) - 20.4%

Ratings have been on a upward curve when the episodes of Park Hae Jin and Park Shi Yeon as the new family members were aired over the past fortnight but apparently it was just a temporary rise. Some experts have claimed that the loss of Daesung who had to be with Big Bang in Japan and couldn't make it for the Family Outing recording was the main reason for the sharp rating decline. But if you analyse it thoroughly, there were many reasons for the rating decline and was actually something waiting to happen. The departure of Park Ye Jin and Lee Chun Hee were probably the catalyst.

The paragliding activity was supposed to be the highlight of the episode but only Yoon Jong Shin, Park Hae Jin, Kim Suro, Park Shi Yeon and Kim Min Joon took the jump. The most hilarious members Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Hyori, Kim Jong Kook and Ji Sang Ryul were all spared from the jump because of wind conditions. Even worse was that they had to edit out Kim Min Joon's jump because he had injured himself.

Another thing was the omission of games during daytime on the first day in recent memory. Many viewers would love to see their stars battle each other in games and the ensuing gags during the process. But not only has it been cancelled, there's no straight replacement for it making it feel like there's something missing.

If it was not mentioned at all in the program, you might have thought that Ji Sang Ryul was the only guest family member although Kim Min Joon was the other one. Kim Min Joon had really few scenes in this episode, probably because his paragliding portion was edited away and his injury made him uncomfortable. He did not appear on camera nor talk much. As for Ji Sang Ryul, he did not really do as well as expected of him and it was pretty awkward at times between him and the other members.

The kimchi mission for Yoon Jong Shin and Park Hae Jin took up way too much time and wasn't really funny at all. Ditto for the blueberries mission for Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook and Park Shi Yeon, nothing really happened again. Perhaps more time is needed for the 2 new family members to integrate themselves to the "family" enviroment.

Viewers might also feel that there were too many changes in this episode. Taking away Park Hae Jin and Park Shi Yeon who were new, Daesung was missing, Kim Min Joon and Ji Sang Ryul were guests, and you have almost half of the family who were new to each other. Viewers who are used to seeing familar faces are thus turned off as they can't get used to it. Stability is something that's very much desired.

Thinking again, the unfortunate injury suffered by Kim Min Joon probably caused the whole filming schedule to go awry and caught the production team by surprise. Min Joon could only return after getting painkiller injections at a local hospital which meant that filming had to be stopped. Almost half of the day was gone when you realize that we jumped straight to dinner time when the paragliding was obviously done at around noon. The program felt kind of disjointed if you had viewed it from start to finish.

source: coolsmurf
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Reasons for 'Family Outing' rating decline
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