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 [Adieu Interview] 10 things we are curious about 2pm

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[Adieu Interview] 10 things we are curious about 2pm Empty
PostSubject: [Adieu Interview] 10 things we are curious about 2pm   [Adieu Interview] 10 things we are curious about 2pm Icon_minitimeWed Jul 22, 2009 6:14 am

2PM, whose popularity are recently on the rise, has been known for their strong male image as compared to the other boy idol groups. And because of that, they are also called the ‘beast idol’.

With much interests focused on the group, they are asked 10 things about them like their role model and ideal type of girl.

Q1. They were asked something like dreams of conception which had thrown many members off as they do not understand the idea of that. Some even asked “Can I go back and ask my mom about it?”

Q2. Your nicknames?

* JunSu: Because of my ‘Gourd Hair’ I was given the name of Strawberry (A cartoon character). And also I was given the name of ‘Jun Lib’ as I am good with ad lib during events and performances. Also, fans like it when I wear causal wear and I get the nickname of ‘casual wear ganji’
* Nich Khun: My chinese astrology is the dragon, but as I was fat when I was young, my father calls me by pig dragon.
* TaekYeon: Since my surname is Ok, they will call me Ok-soo-soo (sweet corn).
* WooYoung: My name plus my fleshy cheeks give me the nickname of WooDong.
* JunHo: Because I play football well and I like to do fighting, I am called the fighter.
* ChanSung: Because of my name I got called HwangGa, HwangSa and also maknae (youngest).

Q3. Opportunities given to you to be a singer?

* JaeBum: My mom want me to go audition, so I went and passed.
* JunSu: I was given the opportunite when I saw Stevie Wonder’s live video
* Nich Khun: I met up with the casting team when I went to see JYP concert and with that I got to do the audition.
* TaekYeon: I did the audition in the states, and went into JYP Entertainment.
* JunHo:During high school year 1, I did theatre and liked dancing and singing.
* ChanSung: Through Super Star Survival I entered JYP Entertainment as an actor, but I got the interests to be a singer after receiving singing and dancing lessons.

Q4. If you rate yourself now, how many points are you out of 10 points?

* JaeBum: 6 points. I’m still lacking during performance on stage. But I’m still working hard on singing hence I give myself
* JunSu: 3 points. I still need more self-management.
* Nich Khun: 7.9. Even though I go on broadcast programmes alot, I don’t do alot and that is lacking.
* TaekYeon: 0. I think I still need to work much more harder.
* WooYoung: 1 point. The points will go up higher in the future.
* JunHo: 5 points. The reasons are ‘Let me think about it’
* ChanSung: 5 points. It just is.

Q5. The member with the strongest ‘beast idol’ image?

* JaeBum: TaekYeon, ChanSung, and me. But I feel that I eat a lot and did not manage my expressions well. But JunSu and WooYoung are the opposite.
* JunSu: TaekYeon and ChanSung. They eat very well and also sweat well. Those were the times they really look like beasts.
* Nich Khun: TaekYeon. He does beasty noises everyday and do strange expressions.
* TaekYeon: I think it is me. And opposite will be Nich Khun? He has the angel face.
* WooYoung: TaekYeon. So scary.
* JunHo: There is not members who are like to the extent of being beasty. In my opinion, everyone is gentle.
* ChanSung: TaekYeon hyung.

Q6. Other entertains the members are close to?

* JaeBum: Boom. I got very close to him through the programme ‘떴다 그녀’.
* JunSu: Big Bang GDragon, TaeYang; YooGun, VJ HongKyu. I got to know GDragon and TaeYang during training days and we got close. YooGun is also from DaeGoo as I am and we are close. And VJ HongKyu we just got to know each other naturally.
* TaekYeon: Boom. We got close as we do many broadcast programmes together.
o Nich Khun: And he takes care of us a lot.
* TaekYeon: KWill, Boom, 2AM, WonderGirls.
* WooYoung: I’m the closest to the members.
* Junho: I’m also closest to the members. If I have the chance to I want to be close to other entertainers.
* ChanSung: K Will, Boom, 2AM

(In case you are wondering, Bom = Park Bom from 2NE1. Junsu was originally in YG but transfer to JYP about a year of so later.)

Q7. And your ideal type?

* JaeBum: Someone who does aegyo to the appropriate extent, and don’t pretend to be pretty, and as compared to makeup and I like people who have pretty ‘fresh face’ better.
* JunSu: Someone who smiles prettily and don’t lie. And I like someone who is wise when it comes to whatever situations.
* Nich Khun: Kind, and treats parents well, and someone who is not a ’soybean paste girl’.
* TaekYeon: I used to pretty pretty and smart girls but now I like girls whodo aeyo much.
* WooYoung: I like girls who are truthful.
* JunHo: I like someone who loves me, and don’t pretend much.
* ChanSung: I like girls who are natural. I would like a lovely girl who do not pretend and is funny.

Q8. The most difficult/tiring time?

* JaeBum: 13th January 2005 is the first day I went to JYP Entertainment. I was away from my family for the first time and I was not able to speak (Korean) well, and I don’t know the place well… And these had made it difficult.
* JunSu: It seems like they are the trainee days. I went into JYP Entertainment with the thought of just singing but I was demande of dancing practise too and I went through them after Park JinYoung hyung told me to. And we were not allowed to drink water in the 3 hours of practise and I went to the toilet to drink tap water. And I remembered how tiring the lessongs were. I had a 4-years training period and there were many times when our debut seemed tiring.
* Nich Khun: There were times when I did not receive acknowledgement even though I had put in much effort to prepare. Those when the most difficult times.
* TaekYeon: There were times when we were so busy we went around without sleep and the work never seem to end, and when there were problems that arised it was the most difficult times.
* WooYoung: There were times when I reached my limit trying to do better and work hard in dancing and singing. Those times were mentally the hardest.
* JunHo: There were the lonely times when I don’t get the acknowledgement even though I’ve put in much effort and when I can’t find my own charms.
* ChanSung: I was not doing well when it comes to acrobatic training during the trainee days. And I personally am not someone who can sing well and there were times when I find it tough singing.

Q9. Your greatest interests these days?

* JaeBum: Piano, building on my capabilities, and I want to earn money and buy things for my parents.
* JunSu: Composing and writing lyrics
* Nich Khun: Acting
* TaekYeon: I want to get an autograph from Kim GongRyul seonbaenim
* WooYoung: English, Composing
* JunHo: Composing, fashion
* ChanSung: Acting, singing

Q10. Your role models?

* JaeBum: Rapper Nasir, Jay Z, Eminem,Tupac, performer Michael Jackson, Usher etc
* JunSu: Kanye West, The Dream etc I like people who do good music
* Nich Khun: Park JinYoung hyung
* TaekYeon: Will Smith
* WooYoung: Michael Jackson
* JunHo: Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Dynamic Duo, Park Jin Young
* ChanSung: Jenny Fox (? 제이니 폭스)

source: kbtes
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[Adieu Interview] 10 things we are curious about 2pm
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