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 Cyndi Wang critisized Jiro Wang for using her publicity?

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PostSubject: Cyndi Wang critisized Jiro Wang for using her publicity?   Wed Jul 22, 2009 6:04 am

Cyndi Wang critisized Jiro Wang for using her for publicity
Source : UDN
translation by karened @ http://asianfanatics.net

Disclaimer: The title is misleading. In the article, there was nothing that says that Cyndi accused Jiro was using her as publicity.

Cyndi Wang has been filming outdoor location shoots for "Momo Love" the past few days. The sorching sun, at 36 degrees celsius, not only caused her a huge decrease in weight to 40kg, but also caused her body strange symptoms like clouded eyesight and numbness in her left fingers. Still, compared to the sun, what gave her a greater headache was the rumours with Jiro Wang earlier. Unable to conceal her helplessness, she rebute straightforwardly, "I started filming this series near the end of June. In the beginning of June they say that we developed feelings for each other. I didn't know that such rumours can arise even we've only filmed three scenes."

During the filming of "Momo Love" Cyndi was troubled by many bad romances. Besides all the romance rumours, the most fatal one was when her ex-boyfriend Viter Fan said that he was blind [when he dated her]. He claimed that during their relationship she cheated on him and had a close relationship with the owner of a cafe. Sources say that Cyndi felt upset by what he sad and once confided in a friend. She said that she would admit to what she had done but most of what he said were not true. Her manager said that both of them broke up many years ago and so Cyndi will not response to any questions regarding Viter Fan.

The filming for "Momo Love" starts at 6am every morning and takes place in various locations in Taiwan. The tanned Cyndi had too depend on sports energy drinks to prevent dehydration. Still, she usually develops a headache even before noon. Her eyesight suddenly blurred during fiming the day before yesterday and she felt numbness in her fingers. Laughing bitterly, she said, "Did the sun make me blind or did it give me a stroke?"
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Cyndi Wang critisized Jiro Wang for using her publicity?
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