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 Selena Li lost weight when dumped

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PostSubject: Selena Li lost weight when dumped   Sat Jul 11, 2009 6:40 am

Selena Li started dating aged 17 and lost weight when she was dumped
Thursday July 9, 2009 Hong Kong
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Source: Sun

Selena Li who is frank and straight forward answered all the reporter's questions in a relaxed manner. She kindly revealed the age she started dating and the feeling of being dumped. She also exposed that she likes to drink soda and eat crisps during midnight. Clearly she has no hidden secrets that cannot be revealed.

Childhood Questions

Q: Did you play with Barbie dolls and play cooking games?
S: Of course I did
Q: How old were you when you first started dating?
S: 17 years old, I felt very shy at the time. When I was dumped I felt very sad. It took me 3 weeks to recover and I lost 10 pounds.

Selena has always considered love to be bigger than the sky. The reason she likes to play with Barbie is because it can take her into the adult world. She would be able to do things adults could do such as shopping and dating.

Food Questions

Q: Can you eat spicy foods? What is the spiciest food you have eaten?
S: I can eat very spicy foods. The spiciest food I ever had was eating hotpot in Sichuan. The hotpot was full chillies. After I finished eating my lips became swollen and it took me 2 days to recover.
Q: What weird eating habits do you have?
S: When it gets to midnight I must drink coke and eat crisps. It’s not a healthy habit but I can’t help it. The later it gets the more I crave for it.

Although Selena’s eating habit is not healthy, she doesn’t fear because eating is her main priority. She said "I always eat without thinking of my health. Most important is that I can eat, I love eating desserts. After having dinner I will eat cheesecake and crisps. That’s why people ask whether I didn’t eat enough at dinner".

Clothing Questions

Q: Do you like wearing trousers or dresses?
S: Of course I like to wear trousers.

Selena is very clumsy that’s why she likes to wear trousers. She said "It's not because I am a tomboy but because I am very clumsy. I usually get my clothes dirty while eating. If I wear a dress I will expose myself easily. That's why it is more secure to wear trousers and I won’t have to worry about it".

Life Questions

Q: What do you think about wearing shoes without socks?
S: If you’re wearing sandals then it doesn’t matter. But if you’re wearing normal shoes without socks then I can’t accept that. I’m afraid my feet will feel even hotter without socks and that my feet will smell.

Q: how many times do you shower a day?
S: I normally shower in the morning and evening. The most I ever showered was 4 times a day.
Q: will you ever feel too tired to shower and go straight to bed?
S: No

Selena takes care of her personal hygiene. She said "I am really afraid of being dirty. I never wear shoes without socks. Wearing shoes without socks gives me the impression you are wearing clothes but without underwear. It would feel strange. If I went straight to bed without having a shower, I would need to change the bed sheets the following day. That would be more of a hassle".
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Selena Li lost weight when dumped
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