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 M - fighting for individual battles now // shinhwa show 3 years time

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M - fighting for individual battles now // shinhwa show 3 years time Empty
PostSubject: M - fighting for individual battles now // shinhwa show 3 years time   M - fighting for individual battles now // shinhwa show 3 years time Icon_minitimeSat Jul 11, 2009 6:16 am

Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo has released his latest mini-album, which has in turn increased his confidence in his music.

The title of the album, ‘Miinnovation’, is a portmanteau of ‘M’ and ‘innovation’, and displays a matured musical style. The title also refers to Lee Minwoo’s attempt to revolutionize his music. Within a week of its release, the album has already taken top spot on the sales charts, and it’s the result that fans have been hoping for his distinct musical style. They have all expressed their anticipation for Lee Minwoo’s comeback.

“There’s such an overwhelming response even though I haven’t been promoting the album yet, I really have to thank everyone. I hope for this mini-album to improve on the unsatisfactory parts of the 4th album, and I really put my heart and soul into producing the album. Although it’s a mini-album, I’ve worked hard on every song with the standards of a full album.”

Targeted at the summer season of music scene, the album contains a variety of musical styles, and the focus is on the catchy melody. This was planned with the public’s music preference in mind. The title track ‘Minnovation’ infuses a hip-hop bat into the electronica rhythm, and the song builds up in the second half, making people want to listen to it one more time. it’s the same for the other tracks, and it’s Lee Minwoo’s every intention to get people singing along when he uses 8-bar melodies in the songs.

“The vibrant melody and theme was designed to make it easier for everyone to sing along. The most important thing is not to let people feel that it’s dull. It’s the first time I’m trying rap and vocal editing for my solo project. And I’ve worked hard to keep a certain fast-paced tension within the changing dynamics of the music.”

Since his time in Shinhwa, Lee Minwoo has spent his time in the music industry to focus on growing as a singer. This is the only time that that he’s truly setting off in search of achieving his dreams. He has dreams as a singer, and dreams of a producer too. On the road to realizing his dreams, the Shinhwa members are the only people that Lee Minwoo cannot let go of. He often thinks of his own future, but he has never once thought of giving up Shinhwa.

“As the Shinhwa members are friends who have gone through thick and thin together with me, I have a special affection for them. Even though everyone of us is focusing on solo activities, we’ve always been keeping in touch. Some time ago the members all got together for a quiet 11th anniversary celebration. At that moment I really felt that they are the kindest people, and the people that I cherish the most. At any point in time, the Shinhwa members are always ranked zero.”

As for Shinhwa’s future plans, Lee Minwoo said that he hopes to have a ‘Shinhwa Show’, similar to that of Japanese idol group SMAP.

Lee Minwoo now owns a bar in Gangnam, and is also running online ventures for his line of caps ‘Wolf M’ and female apparel ‘mooAm’, showing his side as a businessman. But for Lee Minwoo, he is at his most energetic when he’s talking about music. Because he has already become a true musician.

Credits: Sports World + Absolut Shinhwa + shinhwa.biz
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M - fighting for individual battles now // shinhwa show 3 years time
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