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 Jo Kwon and Hyuna dates one day

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Jo Kwon and Hyuna dates one day Empty
PostSubject: Jo Kwon and Hyuna dates one day   Jo Kwon and Hyuna dates one day Icon_minitimeSat Jul 11, 2009 6:13 am

Continuing their ‘trainee karma’, 2AM Jo Kwon and 4Minute HyunA go on a 1-day date!

The 2 had appeared on Mnet Madam B’s Saloon aired on 10th July and had showed off their good friendship with their fun day out in Seoul ShinSaDong.

Even though the 2 are from different companies now, they both had trained together as trainees. Jo Kwon, “I have been trainee together with HyunA for about 3-4 years, she is like a trainee dongsaeng. I get many emotions from seeing her comeback, she has so much confidence now. I hope to see her work hard in the future.”

And then he said to HyunA, “I saw the article about you crying on the day of your debut as 4Minute. I can understand that feeling. It’s the day of ‘I finally debuted today. This is the moment I have been preparing so hard for 8 years.’ When I saw this news, I instantly remember how I felt when I debuted.”

Then HyunA said, “I thought myself not to cry but I couldn’t help it. All the past 2 years just came to me and I just cried.”

The 2 talked about their sweet memories, “6 years back when we were training, we have been hungry together and have exercised together.”

source: kbites
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Jo Kwon and Hyuna dates one day
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