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 Jay Chour takes his mother to Sydney

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Jay Chour takes his mother to Sydney Empty
PostSubject: Jay Chour takes his mother to Sydney   Jay Chour takes his mother to Sydney Icon_minitimeSat Jul 11, 2009 6:12 am

Source: UDN
Translation: http://www.jaychoustudio.com

A few days ago Jay Chou's tour concert came to Sydney, this was his first concert in Sydney, he attracted 20,000 fans breaking the record for the most people at an Australian concert for a Chinese star, Jay Chou especially took his mother along for their second trip to Australia, it actually made her remember that back in high school her son liked to "show off" when he went abroad!

The Australian fans finally got their wish having waited years for Jay Chou to hold a concert there, the fans were high from start to finish, the dance teacher A Hong even proposed to his girlfriend, Jay Chou intimately sang "Cannot Speak", the atmosphere became romantic.

13 years ago, Jay Chou once took a trip to Australia with his mother and grandmother, for this trip Jay Chou didn't forget to take a break from work, he took a yacht around Sydney harbour, they reminisced about the scenes back then on the yacht, mother Chou remembered that back then there was a violinist performing onboard, Jay Chou asked to borrow the violin to play, the music was melodious, his mother and grandmother began dancing, their impromptu performance was rewarded with great applause from the other tourists.

Mother Chou also revealed, that year when they were in Australia, she bought Jay Chou his first pair of sunglasses, the young Jay Chou immediately put them on to take cool pictures, mother Chou smiled saying: "Actually in the past Jay liked to show off just like he does now!"

This time's trip to Sydney harbour, Jay Chou, who has already become addicted to filming, praised the blue sky view, he picked up his professional camera and took photos of the beautiful scenery, he was so into it he stood on the deck ordering Zhang Jie, Gary, makeup artist Du and other company colleagues to do scenes from "The Matrix", the staff members couldn't hold back the laughter, he is indeed a workaholic, even when he's taking a holiday he's brain is full of dreams about movies.
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Jay Chour takes his mother to Sydney
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