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 Ron and Sammul appeared in "Laughing gor apostasy" for free

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PostSubject: Ron and Sammul appeared in "Laughing gor apostasy" for free   Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:27 am

Ron and Sammul appeared in "Laughing gor apostasy" for free

Michael Tse was filming "Laughing Gor of apostasy" in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday. Ron Ng and Sammul Chan were acting as police officers who were trying to give Michael a parking ticket in the street. Michael called up over 10 of his gang to threaten the policemen. He was very cheeky to the two, even recorded the incidence, threatening the two, saying he would put the recording in the internet if the two continued to make trouble for him. When Michael left the scene with his gang, he was seen throwing his lucky 5 dollar coin up and down.

Ron and Sammul only worked on that scene for one day, they expressed that they were bullied by Michael. Asked if they were paid to do that part, they replied "No, we support the Hong Kong film industry, payment is not important to us as long as we are happy." Ron said he didn't know he had a part in it originally, he only got the notice few days ago. Reporter asked whether he thought his part was too small, Ron said that was good enough. Ron and Sammul expressed their wishes to work with Anthony Wong so that they might learn something from him, but it was a pity they missed that chance.

When Michael was filming that day, he attracted a lot of onlookers who wanted to take pictures with him. He said that scene was the ending part. The reporter asked how come he didn't disclose that Ron and Sammul were in fact Chung Lap Man and Lee Pak Kiu from "EU"? Michael replied "This is because the timing was not right, we don't want to confuse the audience. They wore the police uniform, they do look like the police in EU, but we want to let the audience to have their own imagination" Asked if he felt the part the two played was small? Michael said the film is only 2 hours long, that depends what people meant by small part. Some people has a part only lasted for a few seconds in a film, timing is not that important sometimes.

Talking about Anthony Wong complained about the mess up on the filming schedule. Michael told the reporter to ask Anthony himself as he goes to work everyday when he gets his notice, he doesn't know if there is any mess up. There were reports that Anthohy and Francis Ng received payment of 1,200,000 HKD each, even though Michael is the lead actor, he only gets 100,000HKD. Michael smiled "Some reported 1,200,000 and others said 2,000,000, I wonder if anyone gets 8 figure sum. In fact, the fees are confidential, it is not easy for people to find out." The reporter went on to ask if he is worried that there is a big discrepancy between his fee and Anthony's? Michael said "I am happy to say that at least they didn't report that I only get 500 dollars." Michael said he dared not ask how much Anthony's fee is because it is not important. He felt the media is using it as a gossip topic and he is happy for what he gets.

Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com
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Ron and Sammul appeared in "Laughing gor apostasy" for free
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