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 Jerry Yan & Fans - Stage Collapsed

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Jerry Yan & Fans - Stage Collapsed Empty
PostSubject: Jerry Yan & Fans - Stage Collapsed   Jerry Yan & Fans - Stage Collapsed Icon_minitimeTue Jun 23, 2009 7:27 am

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Jerry Yan’s charm makes his fans go crazy, and even made the stage collapse! Yesterday, over 50 different international media reporters attended the event to do interviews, and the overburdened stage sunk a big U-shaped hole. In fear of an accident, Jerry was immediately brought offstage, and the frightened him laughed saying: “I thought it was an earthquake!”

Jerry has just released his new album after 5 years, and yesterday attracted 3000 fans to support him. Because the weather was extremely hot, and fans were all sweating, Jerry’s record company was worried that everyone squeezing together would take a toll on some fans’ body, so they prepared many first-aid kits and first-aid stations with health care workers standing by. And they also provided an enormous box of ice, so to cool the surroundings. The playful Jerry exclaimed: “Really want to eat ice ah!” making everyone laugh. (translator note: ‘eating ice’ means eating ice-cream but it’s like a pun with the box of ice XD)

Jerry’s friendliness was at full affinity. When he saw media reporters sweating because of the hot weather, he personally handed them many paper towels, and he even helped staff members to carry all the stage props. He expressed that he is very confident about his new album, and promoting also gives him more power. Again, he made a cold joke: “Maybe for my next album, I’ll get to collaborate with ‘Power Station!”

Busy with his album, filming drama, and getting insomnia due to his nervousness, Jerry had lost a lot of weight. This made fans heartache and many gave him vitamins and other health products. One fan arrived in a wheelchair, and Jerry gave her a big hug, telling her to take care, and this made her cry saying: “This is the most touching words I’ve ever heard!” Jerry said that he had been so looking forward to this fan meet that he couldn’t sleep, and he joked: “The first-aid station is set up for me.”

Jerry also revealed that actually he is longing for love: “I really want to be in love ah, very tired, want someone to depend on!” But his 2 previous rumoured girlfriends Lin Chi Ling & Terri Kwan are all big beauties, is he worried that the next one will be compared to them? Jerry replied: “Won’t compare, there’s still someone I can love!”
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Jerry Yan & Fans - Stage Collapsed
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