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 Korean Girl Groups

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PostSubject: Korean Girl Groups   Korean Girl Groups Icon_minitimeTue Jun 23, 2009 7:15 am

Link: asiae
Link by: Mae
Translated by tinggg @ Karaholic.com

Six teams. In this coming summer, the music industry will be a six girl group showdown.

Equipped with big weapons such as big media companies, hit songs, and the the public's curiosity, a hot competition between the girl groups is forming, and fans have been forecasting their similarities and differences. SNSD and Kara, who received a lot of support from male fans in the first half of the year will go head-to-head, new forces 2NE1 and 4minutes are refreshing the industry, and Brown Eyed Girls and wil add cool vocals.

SNSD - Kara: Reliving the glory of the first half of the year

SM Entertainment and DSP Media, who once competed with SES and Fin.K.L, now are going at it again with SNSD and Kara. Both groups will have their comebacks this summer, again showing the public their determination to succeed. First it'll be SNSD. SNSD released their new song on the 22nd, as "Goddesses of Fortune" to send a energy-revitalizing message to the busy-routined people. It is described as 9 young girls on stage, filling it with fresh radiant energy. It'll be interesting to see if this song can create the blast like did before.

Then it will be Kara in mid-July. Though the title song has not completely been set yet, the "cute and lively" concept they pioneered will remain. That liveliness compared to the other groups who are debuting with more of a sexy concept, will put Kara in a unique position on their own.

DSP said, "Currently each active girl group has their specific style, and Kara won't go about throwing away their unique concept. Their activities will go with the nation's trends."
Girl Groups, An Explosive Competition '2nd Round Starts'

Source: Osen
Translation: Cph@Soshified.com

It's summer, and there is something that will make it this hot summer even hotter and fun. The reason is - something you can't help but feel happier and energized - the upcoming girl groups friendly competition.

In the first half of this year, girl groups, with SNSD in the lead, and other female groups like Kara, swept the music scene by storm, overflowing it with energy and great atmosphere. This time, expectation are high with the pioneer girl group, SNSD, and the new debutants of 2009, 2NE1 and 4minute, revitalizing the music industry for the second half of the year.

SNSD, who conquered the first half of 2009 with 'Gee', recently announced their comeback with their new song 'Tell me your wish'(Genie). 'Tell me your wish'(Genie) is a song for all those that are tired of their daily routines or have lost confidence in themselves, for them, SNSD will become 'Goddesses of Fortune', giving them energy and vitality, strength to recover lost courage and passion.

There has been tremendous interest in the picture that was revealed before their comeback, in which the SNSD wore clothes with a 'marine look'. Likewise, there is a huge interest in SNSD's chances of repeating or not a hit comparable to the 'Gee' syndrome once again.
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Korean Girl Groups
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