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 Inside ShiNee's House!!

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Inside ShiNee's House!! Empty
PostSubject: Inside ShiNee's House!!   Inside ShiNee's House!! Icon_minitimeFri Jun 12, 2009 8:04 am

Source: Hankooki
Credit: KPculture

SHINee, an R&B boy band under SM Entertainment, allowed a reporter from Hankook Ilbo into their home for a tour.

Shoes shelf and kitchen

The five members of SHINee live on the top floor of an apartment building. Thanks to their housekeeper who visits daily to cook and clean, the apartment doesn’t look like it’s the home of seven males (two managers live with the boys). Onew claims that it doesn’t get very messy anyways, since they’re only home to rest or sleep.

All five boys sleep in one bedroom that has two bunk beds with a single bed in between. Onew gets the single bed. Key’s top bed has a pink blanket with photos hanging on top. Minho’s bed is below, with the uniform of a sports team he likes hanging beside it. Jonghyun sleeps in the other top bunk. Taemin’s bottom bunk has books on it.

One bookshelf is stacked with mangas such as Slam Dunk and One Piece, which were presents from fans. The members read the mangas together in their spare time.

Inside ShiNee's House!! Thumb_10

Although they like playing sports outdoors (such as baseball), their schedule doesn’t allow much time to do so. Instead, they play sports video games together.

Inside ShiNee's House!! Thumb_11

There is a small room that is cramped with a computer and lots of bestseller books. On the computer, Key went into SHINee’s homepage. He said that the members check the site often to read messages from fans.
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Inside ShiNee's House!!
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