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 BB My Heaven

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PostSubject: BB My Heaven   BB My Heaven Icon_minitimeFri Jun 12, 2009 7:46 am

Original Article (in Japanese): nami & ononi
Translations to Korean: 그놈 @ bbvipz
Translations to English: Beau @ bbvipz, ygbb

About 8 months since they've released their first full album 'Number 1' last October in Japan.
Finally Bigbang has confirmed to release their first single in Japan 'MY HEAVEN'.
This will be their first major debut, and it will also become a masterpiece that'll be memorable.
For the release of 'MY HEAVEN', they held a press conference to start off their more aggressive activities in Japan.
The place for the meeting was a luxurious hotel. On this day the members were dressed appropriately for this formal event; they all had black suits on.
SOL with his sunglasses, D-LITE with his cute bow tie etc., the items that emphasized their characters stood out.
On the stage that was set-up in the place for the meeting, before their release for 'MY HEAVEN' they performed!

SOL We’ve released a lot of songs in Korea, and we've put in the tracks that we've chosen into the album that we'll release in Japan.

From these songs we liked the song 'Heaven', and since we've received a lot of positive reactions about it,
we’ve released it as a single.

'MY HEAVEN' was introduced like this.
In the album 'NUMBER 1' it was listed as 'HEAVEN'.
In addition, from Bigbang's original songs, it is the first time that they've gave a rebirth to their songs by Japanese lyrics.
This is a song where you can see their new grounds.
Somewhat danceable and somewhat with a mellow sound style, this song has Bigbang's true character in it.
But it is also a piece full of ambition for a new approach with Japanese lyrics.
After the 'MY HEAVEN' performance, they had a question and answer period.
They came straight from the airport to the place of this meeting; the camera flashes surrounded them.
"(In Japanese) It's hot...(laugh)" D-LITE gave a shy smile while fanning his face with both of his hands.
The air was that hot there. They politely answered many questions about their future ambitions.
For example, to the question "What do you like about Japan?"

D-LITE I'm interested in the hot springs in Japan. Japanese hot springs are very beautiful.
TOP I like sushi and wine... Since all the members really like to shop, I like Aoyama very much.
SOL (In Japanese) I've heard that there's a huge ski resort in Japan, but I've never been there.
I would really like to visit some time.
G-DRAGON We came to Japan for a short peroid of time to shoot the 'MY HEAVEN' music video.
The place for the shoot was Odaiba. I liked it there because it was very beautiful and because the scenery was just excellent.
VI A year ago we did a concert tour in Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo....

Especially in around Osaka and Nagoya it was very peaceful. I also remember that the scenery there was fabulous.
Those places also stood out to me because the people there were very nice.
In addition, from another journalist said "All the Korean artists and actors have beautiful smiles. Show us the "Bigbang Smile!"
and requested this... "(In Japanese) It's awkward..." VI was being shy. But all the members presented a smile.
They also announced their future plans for their activities.
After 'MY HEAVEN', which will be released online in Japan and in six other countries in Asia, they'll release another single on July 8th.
On that release date they're planning on holding a special event to celebrate their debut in the major field at Sasaki Park's outdoor concert hall.

G-DRAGON I'm very thankful to the people who have been waiting for so long.
We're planning on doing activities for a longer period of time in Japan...We'll be able to do these activities by your side.
Please keep an eye on us, and I hope you all enjoy our music.

With their start of their promotions is Japan, the expectations for them for their global activities are getting higher.
Bigbang, who goes up step by step, their new story will start from 'MY HEAVEN'.


July 2009, Vol. 5
This Month's Instructions: Tell us about your ambitions for your debut in the major music field in Japan!

Thank you for always supporting us, despite the fact that we haven't been able to approach the fans in Japan very often.
This time we're having a great chance to debut in the major music field.
I would like to work harder to present better music.
I'll work even harder than right now, so please give us all the support you can!

I'm as nervous as when we were debuting in the Indies field; I'm very glad that we've been given a chance to debut in the major music field.
We haven't been able to come to Japan often since we were so busy in Korea, but from now on I think we'll have more chances to come to here.
I've very glad because I'll be able to show our performances to even more people.
It is all because of you guys that we were able to come all the way here where we are right now.
I want to present music, so the fans will be able to be happy. Please give us the support.

This time, not only are we getting a chance to debut in the major music field,
but we’re also given a chance to work with one of the world's most famous label, Universal Music. I’m very thankful for these opportunities.
I'm very glad because we're having a chance to let more people listen to Bigbang's music.
We're a little overwhelmed; however we'll try our best and prize this wonderful chance.
We'll work hard to show the 'cool' Bigbang during our activities in Japan.

To all the Japan fans, you've waited for a long time! I was always sorry because we weren't able to meet for the past two years since we were so busy.
I'm very happy at the fact that we're able to present this song for the Japanese fans that have been waiting.
We've worked hard to finish our major debut single 'MY HEAVEN'.
I want to work hard so all our fans will be able to be happy after hearing our songs. Thank you.

I was very thankful because a lot of journalists came for our major debut press conference.
Like you, Bigbang is also looking forward to this major field debut.
Because all of our members like Japan very much, we always look forward to visiting Japan.
Not only are we interested in the food here, but we're also interested in the culture. We want to approach a lot of things in Japan.
I want to be able to show what we've worked on hard to everyone.
Please keep and eye on Bigbang.
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BB My Heaven
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