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 Bernice Liu shoots new action film ..

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PostSubject: Bernice Liu shoots new action film ..   Fri Jun 12, 2009 7:16 am

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Bernice Liu shoots new action film, hard kicks causes co-star's chest to swell up

In these two years, Bernice Liu has gained a new image of a fighting girl, yesterday she was in Mainland shooting for a new action film, in a scene where she has to use all her power to kick the Mainland martial arts actress. The Director strongly pursues many NGs for a perfect scene, Bernice laughed: "Hitting someone and avoiding hits are both so hard to do!"

The other day, Bernice and Mainland martial arts actress (Luxia Jiang) was filming for a new action film (滅門), the scene talked about Bernice attacked by the Mainland actress, but Bernice was quick and kicked him away immediately.

Director wants perfection

It was scene that Bernice and Mainland actress was quite compatible, but the Director was not satisfied, seems like the Director wanted perfection, making them NG more than 10 times. The Mainland actor had to take on Bernice's kicks more than 10 times as well.

Bernice expressed that her role requires a harsh portrayal, so for every action move, she will have to use greater strength. She expressed: "Using strength like this, no matter if your hitting someone or avoiding someone's hits, it is very hard to do, so every time we finish the scene, I always ask my partner if she's okay. I was also wearing high heels, when I kick out to her, I could see her in pain." Bernice continues and expressed that she won't be trying to develop a fighting girl image, hopefully she could try other types of roles.

Being harshly kicked by Bernice, the Mainland actor expressed: "When she kicked me, it did not feel right, so my chest area was swelling up, but for filming, its hard to avoid."
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Bernice Liu shoots new action film ..
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