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 TOP - At shooting scene

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PostSubject: TOP - At shooting scene   Tue Jun 09, 2009 6:50 am

News source: lady.khan.co.kr/bigbang family
Translation: ming^ming@soompi
Credits: yg-bb

Thegroup Big Bang’s TOP even though is not on the stage, but he is alsoworking hard toward the ‘TOP’ on the TV screen. He has participated inthe large-scale drama series ‘IRIS’ that has 200 billion won ofproduction fee. This is his second time of challenging acting after hisKBS drama ‘I Am Sam’ in 2007. Although he plays the role as the dignitybig bro in Big Bang, but this time in this drama series you get to seea ‘magnae’ TOP who is kinda nervous among the sunbaes. TOP, pleasethrows away the burden and runs toward the best! Because there areunnies that always protect you.

TOP, another charm

Whereis the Big Bang’s TOP who has the charisma that coming out from hisstrong eyes? Oppositely, it was just a 20-plus-yr-old young man sittingover there, shedding cold sweat, and kept drinking water due to thenerves of dry throat. TOP (21), the charisma holder in the group BigBang, acted as a cold-blooded killer ‘Bic’ that exists just toeliminate his targets. This is his second time of taking the actingchallenge after he played the role as the non-performing youngster‘Chae Mu Shin’ in drama ‘I Am Sam’ in 2007.

“To be honest,there is lots of pressure. I was so shocked when I first heard of theproduction scale. All those pressures have become my responsibilitiesnow. As a magnae, I’m now worrying about getting deeper into my role. Iasked for advices from sunbaes and I have learnt a lot from them. Tome, I think this opportunity is more precious than anything.”

Heis playing the role as the killer that keeps tracking down the maincharacter Hyun Jun (Lee Byung Hyun) in order to assassin him. It’s acold-hearted character that will kill the target’s family and childrenjust to achieve his goal. He said that this seems like a chance to showBig Bang’s fans about his fresh look, yet he feels nervous about it.

“Itwould be nice to show anticipation if you are a Big Bang fans. Ichanged as i want to play the role of strong personality. Actually,there were lots of contradictions when I was acting as the killer.Because I’m those type of person that has a more vulnerable heartcompare to the look (laugh).”
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TOP - At shooting scene
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