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 Jolin Tsai -Queen Butterfly [abit long]

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PostSubject: Jolin Tsai -Queen Butterfly [abit long]   Jolin Tsai -Queen Butterfly [abit long] Icon_minitimeSat Jun 06, 2009 5:17 am

Jolin Tsai is Queen Butterfly and she gets what she wants, whether it’s avoiding answering a question in English when she was in town or even making her friends sing her songs and watch her music videos at karaoke sessions.

Well, who can say no to 'Her Highness' who not only rules the Chinese pop charts but has also been the top-selling female artiste in Taiwan for the past five years, right?

Tsai who was dressed in a golden tube top, with black balloon pants and a pair of golden high heeled architectural pumps, was in town recently to promote her latest album, “Butterfly”.

Flitting in and out of her press conference within slightly over half an hour, Tsai remarked with regard to what title she’d most like to be remembered by, “They can call me whatever they want, as long as they know who I am.”

Tsai laughingly recalled being called a “fried prawn” by the press at the Golden Melody Awards during a performance.

“I’ve probably been called everything that I can be called,” added the singer thoughtfully, “From the funny, to the exaggerated, to even those (titles) which I genuinely thought were not bad.”

It’s no wonder Tsai feels that way given her catchy up-tempo music, scintillating dance moves and unique sense of style that many young girls want to emulate.

The pint-sized 28-year-old has been known for going beyond what one might think she’s capable of just by looking at her petite frame.

Whether it’s mastering pole dancing, the high rings and the wooden horse for previous performances, Tsai has managed to make everything she undertakes look effortless and glamorous.

Tsai admits though that learning ballet for her latest album, did offer times when she did feel like giving up. She sustained a back injury and was later banned from dancing for two months.

Now that ballet is conquered, Tsai says she is game at trying her hand at modern dance for her next album. Her choreographer is probably taking notes right now.

But being the queen is definitely not an easy task and does come with its cost.

Tsai’s ballerina costume for her latest album consists of hand-sewn sequins and diamonds which cost a whopping NT300,000 (S$15 000). No doubt that the outfit is worthy of her queenly status, but the singer says she would have to be crazy to buy that outfit on her own.

And as for her 'king', well there isn't a potential candidate at the moment but this queen deserves nothing less than a ‘Real Man’, which is also the title of the first single in her latest album.

While Tsai didn’t reveal what she looks for in a man, she did, however, tell us what a real man shouldn’t be.

“He shouldn’t be too calculative, or too much of a smooth talker, and he can’t not be respectful of women,” said Tsai.

When asked if she’s looking for a man in her life, Tsai replies part wistfully and part jokingly, “I wish (for a boyfriend) in every season of my life.”

“But sometimes if you’re in too much of a hurry to find a boyfriend, then you might end up not finding one. So I tell myself, it’s ok,” she added, “But I do hope to find one soon.”

Now, Tsai is channelling her energy into her career and for all the hard work that she puts into her performances, this queen doesn’t expect much from her devoted fans.

On her wish-list are three simple requests: 1. stop being so preoccupied with taking videos, 2. give her your full, undivided attention, and 3. show some enthusiasm when she performs!

“When they just stand there without any reaction, they look as if they’re a model standing there,” said Tsai on what dampens her confidence at times. “I hope that if people like me and come to see me perform, I’ll do all that I can to ensure everyone is happy.”

source: channelnewasia
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Jolin Tsai -Queen Butterfly [abit long]
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