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 Steven Ma & Fala Chen Embraced, Dancing In Mid-Air

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PostSubject: Steven Ma & Fala Chen Embraced, Dancing In Mid-Air   Sat Jun 06, 2009 5:15 am

In drama "The legend of Pu Songling", Fala Chen portrays a little fox spirit. Because she and Pu Songling, portrayed by Steven Ma, have fate (yuan) and because he has saved her several times, they developed a romantic fox-human romance. To film the scene where the fox spirit first met Pu SongLing, the director required Fala to float down from mid-air to grab hold of a falling Ma Zai who was about to hit the ground. The two held on tight to each other, spinning, so as to spin out a romantic mood and feel. And yet this one minute scene of romantic intent actually took up several hours to complete. In this scene, both Fala and Ma Zai were hung from wires. In the beginning, their heads and legs were supported by the crew members. When shooting began, the crew spun them around. The scene was finally completed after about 10 such spins.

To shoot the scene, Fala and Ma Zai had to be wired. Ma Zai said he has shot many such wire scenes before, so it was not arduous for him to do it. Instead, he was concerned that Fala might find it too grueling since this was her first wire scene. So during the actual shooting, he tried to assist her as much as possible. Since they were locked in embraced, spinning continuously, bodily contact was inevitable.

When asked if he felt awkward about it, he said forthrightly: “When working, I'm not put off by hard work, only wanting to get the best result. If the artistes are immersed in their characters, they wouldn’t think of other stuff or be awkward. They will do whatever required of them by the director to complete the task. ”

He also praised Fala as a good partner, helping him to get into his character. In their past collaborations, Fala and Ma Zai have always acted as siblings. This is their first time as lovers.

Fala said: “Ma Zai is a very straightforward person. If he has an opinion he will say it. And also very caring to people. He takes his work seriously. I like that we can communicate honestly with each other. Our collaboration is a happy one. ”

A few days ago, she had shot a kissing scene. Because they know each other so well, after the kiss , she just thought it was funny, not awkward at all.

They will have another chance to collaborate in their next series. In the series, Ma Zai will portray a big shot lawyer and will once again have a love relationship with Fala. From siblings to lovers, Ma Zai said he enjoys working with Fala.
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Steven Ma & Fala Chen Embraced, Dancing In Mid-Air
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