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 Wu Chun, Perfect Man

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PostSubject: Wu Chun, Perfect Man   Wu Chun, Perfect Man Icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2009 4:49 am

Jiro Wang, Calvin Chan and Arron Yan frankly admitted that they were envious of Wu Chun doing movies and joked that they want a cameo appearance in Wu Chun’s current movie [14 Blades]!

Fahrenheit once again made a whirlwind trip to Malaysia for a press conference and an autograph session. For the press conference, three of them wore black and white in perfect tacit agreement. In addition to speaking freely about their third album [Loving You More and More], the four of them also shared their recent activities and future plans.

Jiro Wang, Calvin Chan and Arron Yan readily admitted that they were envious of Wu Chun who was in two movies and joked that they want to exchange places with Wu Chun next year in that Wu Chun would shoot three TV dramas while they would do movies. Calvin Chan even said drolly that he wanted to have a cameo in Wu Chun’s movie [14 Blades] which had everyone in the room laughing.

Good Brothers in Real Life

Also, because Calvin Chan collaborated with each of the other three in dramas such as the upcoming [Momo Love] and [Parfait Tic] as well as the earlier [Romantic Princess] and in each drama, he played the love rival of all three, the other three took the opportunity to “accuse” Calvin of trying to “steal other people’s love interest”. Calvin could only laughed ruefully that in real life, they were actually like brothers.

As for Wu Chun who had been consistently rumored that he did not want to do any more TV dramas, he also took the opportunity to clarify matters: [Some people said that I won’t do TV dramas anymore but in reality, I am just waiting for the right role to come along. I still want to do TV dramas very much!]

When asked whether he had any opinions on the romantic rumors of Jerry Yan and Ella that came out during the shooting of [Just Want to Depend on You], Wu Chun expressed with a laugh that no matter who Ella works with, she would be very good to them. The other three also chimed in and praised that Ella is a nice person and that everyone likes her. Earlier Ah Sa had praised Wu Chun was a perfect man. When asked how he felt about that, Wu Chun laughed: [I think I am too because I love family life. Fahrenheit are all good men.]

When asked if the four of them ever considered releasing a solo album, Calvin Chan expressed that Fahrenheit was a four-as-one group. Currently the most they would do was to have a solo song within their album. Anything else would depend on the arrangement of the record company.

Fahrenheit will be performing their second concerts in Taiwan, Macau and other Chinese cities. In view of everyone getting injured in the previous concerts, Calvin Chan expressed that they had learned from the experiences of the past eight concert performances and knew which areas needed more attention so that no one would get injured again!

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and orientaldaily.com
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Wu Chun, Perfect Man
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