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 2NE1 - Fire

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PostSubject: 2NE1 - Fire   Tue May 26, 2009 6:27 am

Newcomer female group 2NE1 is #1 on Mnet music chart for the 2nd week consecutive.

Their debut song ‘Fire’ is up at #1 position on the chart for the 3rd week of May. The debut song of the group has gave good results to be up on the chart for 2 weeks consecutively. While the CM song ‘Lollipop’ they sang together with Big Bang has fell 3 positions to be at #11, staying on the chart for its 9th week.

The rest of the chart results:

1. 2NE1 – ‘Fire’
2. Super Junior – ‘It’s You’ (up 2 positions from last week)
3. SeeYa, Davichi and Ji Yeon – ‘Female Generation’ (fell 1 position from last week)
4. 2PM – ‘Again & Again’
5. Davichi – ‘My Man’
6. SHINee – ‘Juliette’
7. Super Junior – ‘Sorry Sorry’
8. SG Wannabe – ‘I Love You’
9. After School – ‘Diva’
10. K Will – ‘Tears Are Falling’

SeeYa, Davichi and JiYeon’s ‘Forever Love’ fell 16 positions in 3 weeks to be at #24 currently. And for this week, song ‘I like you’ by Yozoh and Kim Jin Pyo went up 78 positions to be at #28 in 2 weeks. Monday Kiz Lee Jin Seon’s ‘Foolish Love’ also went up 72 positions to be at #63. While Baek Ji Young’s ‘Love’s the culprit’ is at #33 on the chart for its first week.

For new songs this week, Lee Jung Hyun’s ‘Crazy’ is at #43, Kim Bum Soo’s ‘Regret as much as you forget’ is at #43 and Gavy NJ ‘Twilight’ is at #49.

source: kbites
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PostSubject: Re: 2NE1 - Fire   Wed Aug 19, 2009 6:17 am

Oh yeah, if I'm not mistaken, this girl group is now famous in Korea! I've seen there video of Fire in Youtube and there are two different versions of their music video, the street version and the space version. For me, the space version is better than the other one. It's just my opinion. I love the song even if I don't understand what they were saying. The beat of the song is good. It still makes me try to sing with no lyrics, just mmm.. mmm.. and then I just sing "eh eh eh eh eh eh twenty one eh eh eh eh eh eh eh you gotta ring the alarm" or "you got the fire mmmm mmm you gotta drop it like it's hot mmm mmmm". Hehehe...
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2NE1 - Fire
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